New ED Visa Thai class. Start on Tuesday 27th August 2018 (6 months and One year course)


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New Speaking Thai class level 2 start Tue 21th Aug 2018 end 27th Sep 2018  (Monthly course)

Hello, on 27th August 2018 we will start a new Speaking Thai class level 2 end 27th Sep 2018

Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday

From 13.30 p.m - 15.30 P.m.

24 Hours = (Monthly course)

The course fee of 2,500 baht includes 24 hours of instruction the textbook, a mp3 and hot coffee.

All Students enrolled at EasyStudyThai  for Private Lessons, Monthly Course, Ed visa course are eligible, Thai Bank Account.

New SPEAKING THAI CLASS Level 1, Start Monday 27th Aug 2018 (Monthly course)


Speaking Thai level 1 (Monthly course)


Start  Monday 27th Aug 2018 end Friday 5th Oct 2018


Study at 13.30-15.30 P.M.


Study every Monday and Friday


2,500 Bht = 24 hours Free text book and Mp3 and hot coffee.