Improve Your Thai Pronunciation Course

Course Skill Level: Beginner and Higher
Language Skills Used: Speaking & Listening
Hours Per Course: 24 Hours = 2,000 Bht free textbook & CD
Courses Available: Level 1, Level 2


This course helps students develop more accurate intonation, stress, and rhythm while building general Thai language skills and everyday vocabulary. Students who complete this course are able to speak with a more natural rhythm and are likewise able to adjust their pitch more precisely to signal questions and suggest subtle nuances. Furthermore, they are able to communicate more effectively with native and non-native Thai speakers alike. The course mainly focuses on building confidence, fluency, and accuracy in speaking. The course give attention to the development of a more natural intonation, stress, and rhythm by using extended passages rather than individual sounds to create more accurate speech. Lastly it helps students overcome chronic difficulties in pronunciation.