Basic Reading & Writing Thai Courses

Course Skill Level: Beginner 
Language Skills Used: Reading and Writing
Hours Per Course: 24 Hours (one month)

study Mon, Wed, Friday at 13.00-15.00 p.m.
Courses Available: Levels 1 and 2 (one month- one level)

24 Hours (one month)  = 2,000 Baht. Free textbook & CD

 In the Basic Thai Reading course, students will learn the alphabet in order to understand the Thai reading and writing system (with a focus on reading). You will be able to read and write Thai words and sentences correctly.

  • Thai Alphabet: Learn the Thai Alphabet and Symbols, we take the mystery out of learning this Pali script based language.
  • Menus and Signs: Be able to read menus and signs you see in your daily life.  Your life just became easier.
  • Dictionary: How to Use a Thai to English Dictionary, Alphabetical order etc.
  • Basic Reading and Writing Skills: You will learn the basic skills and understand how the written language works.

Why should I Learn to Read & Write?

Many students question if it is valuable to learn to read and write Thai.  We believe that having some basic skills will improve your speaking ability and enhance your life in Thailand and here is why.

  • Delicious & Cheap Food: Order food from a Thai only menu. Would it be great to be able to order from any restaurant and to know what kind of food they serve?
  • Pronunciation: Watch your Thai pronunciation improve by knowing the correct sounds instead of being dependent on the non-standardized transliteration systems.
  • Travel: Open up your travel opportunities.  Now you can travel off the beaten path with no concern if that English sign does not exist.
  • Learning Materials: Once you know the alphabet you can find inexpensive materials to study Thai from.  You are no longer reliant on English based study materials.
  • Cross Learning: Most people learn quicker and retain more when they are using each of the different parts of the brain to learn from. Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening all access different parts of your brain and when you cross train all the different parts reinforce what you have learned with each other.
  • Immersion: Reading allows you to become fully immersed in the language.  Everywhere you go, everywhere you look will be a new language learning experience.  You may even find you become more immersed n the culture and history.

I Believe I'll Never be Fluent at Reading, Will learning to Read be a Waste?

No: It will not be a waste.  Even learning very basic reading will impact your daily life and improve your speaking skills as well.  You do not need to be fluent to benefit.

 We are MOE licensed school.All Students enrolled at EasyStudyThai  for Private Lessons, One Month Course, or Full Year coutse  are eligible, Thai Bank Account and Thai Drivers license. 






Term start

Term start

Reading & Writing Thai

2,000  Baht


13.00 –15.00 P.M.




Mon, Wed, Fri

1-26 Dec 2014
5-30 Jan 2015
2-27 Feb 2015
4-30 Mar2015
3-29 Apr 2015
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