Private Lessons

Learning Thai With Private Lessons and Small Groups


Would you prefer having a one on one private lesson or have a small group of friends you want to study with?

We provide private lessons for our students staying in the City of Chiang Mai and Chaing Rai.  You may attend private classes at our school, or we may be able to travel to your home, office or any other place that is convenient depending on distance and travel time.

Do you have a specific method you want to use for learning or a certain book you want to study?

Not a problem, we will design our private classes to your personal needs and learning style.


1 student  250 Bht for 1 hour

2 students 350 Bht for 1 hour (175 Bht each person)

3 students 400 Bht for 1 hour (134 Bht each person)

4 students 450 Bht for 1 hour (113 Bht each person)

Contact us now to arrange private lessons or you can register for a course online.

All Students enrolled at EasyStudyThai  for Private Lessons, One Month Course are eligible, Thai Bank Account.