Our Method of Teaching Thai

Our Teaching Methods

At Easy Study Thai, we like to keep things simple easy and fun while striving to achieve the best results. That is why our time tested method of Presentation, Pronunciation and Speaking works so well.

  • Presentation: The teacher will present the lesson material to be taught and explain any new vocabulary
  • Pronunciation Practice: With each new word or sound that is learned the class as a group will repeat it to so as to learn the proper pronunciation.
  • Individual Speaking: The teacher will then ask each student a question or to make a sentence using what was just learned. Sometimes this will include role playing.This process will be repeated as the material is learned during the class.It's that simple.

Why It Works Well

As our students practice listening and speaking, they begin to develop their listening and speaking skills while also being given the opportunity to build confidence as they actually interact using the Thai language.  We do not believe in simply lecturing to the students as we feel it is important for the student to be a part of the class and to learn to speak the language in a realistic, relevant live situation.  In other words, we keep it real! We also provide a positive environment, using only positive reinforcement to encourage them and give them more confidence while at the same time correcting them for mistakes. Easy and fun makes it easy to study. This is what we are about. We firmly believe learning Thai is about having fun while you're learning because when you have fun it is easy to learn. Come and check us out for a free drop in class if you would like to see for yourself.

What's the Classroom Like?

The instructor first presents the language in class and later as a facilitator to avoid lecturing in class. It is then  practiced by the students in controlled question and answer sessions. Finally, the students performs the new language in the form of interactive situations (e.g. skits and role-plays) which ensures that the classes are both realistic and relevant to daily life.

Tools & Techniques We Use

Our learning materials in these courses are of the highest quality, and we employ only professional native speaking Thai teacher.

  • Learn to compose sentences correctly, with authentic, native-speaker grammar and structure.
  • Enjoy our friendly classes! Learning a new language is fun!
  • Learn at our school or at your own pace as you interact with your instructor and classmates.
  • Picture books for beginners and other media for more advanced students ensure accurate understanding.
  • We provide audio CD's to practice at home.
  • Every one of our instructors is a true native speaker with major experience teaching Thai as a foreign language.
  • Our courses can easily be customized to suit individual needs.