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ED visa Thai language and culture program is 200 hours or 400 hours in ChiangRai Thailand.


With our Thai Language and Cultural Studies course you can obtain a one year Thailand Educational Visa.  

This one year program is approved by the Thailand Ministry of Education and qualifies the student for a Thai ED Visa.  Our Thai Language and Cultural Studies program will not only teach you Thai but also give you a great foundation in Thai culture and traditions.

We started offering the Thai ED visa shortly after the Thailand Ministry of Education started issuing them to private language schools.  After many years and thousands of successful applications we have shown we have both experience and expertise in handling the applications and the overall visa process from beginning to end.                  Tuition for course is 30,000 Baht (400 hours) for one Year ED visa course or 17,000 Baht (200 hours) for 6 month ED visa course.


Find additional information on the Thai Language and Cultural Course (required for Thailand ED Visa) with this link. 

Go here for information on How to Get a Thai Education Visa.

 All Students enrolled at Easy Study Thai  for Private Lessons, One Month Course, or Full Year course  are eligible, Thai Bank Account and Thai Drivers license. 

If you have more questions about living and learning in Chiang Mai please Contact us Here or you can visit us at our Chiang Mai School Location


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