Thai Teacher Yai

Teacher  Yai

Thatsawan Napikun (Yai) has been working at Easy Study Thai since 1999 when she was still a student at Chiang Mai University. Now she is the principal and manager of the Easy Study Thai Language School.


Yai has a bachelors degree in Education (Teaching Thai), 2001 and Masters degree in Education (Teaching Thai), 2008. She completed her Thesis in teaching Thai as a second language and both degrees are from the Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University.

Teaching Experience:

During her studies she taught Thai to non-native speakers at the YMCA and other language schools in Chiang Mai, and after graduation helped design the curriculum and write the textbooks accompanying the courses at YMCA. Yai also brings her many years of experience teaching Thai at Language Institute Chiang Mai University and the Chiang Mai YMCA Thai Language School, to her role at Easy Study Thai.

Teaching Philosophy: 


 Kru Yai “I have always been interested in language, communication and people, so teaching is a great way to combine all of those interests. “It’s also incredibly rewarding.” “It’s great to watch students make progress and to be part of that progress.” It also keeps you on your toes…no two days are ever quite the same.” “What I love best about my teaching are the people, students and teachers alike.” “It’s great to work with interesting and motivated people.” “I love hearing about my students and their plans for the future in Thailand.” “They are at an interesting point in their lives and it’s nice to share in that experience in Thailand.”