Teacher Faai


Kru Faai has a Bachelor’s degree in Education (Teaching Thai), 2001 and Masters Degree in Education (Technology Education), 2008. She completed both degrees at the Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University.


Maltese born, Faai has lived in Chiang Mai most of her life and finds great pleasure to be living and teaching Thai, her first language, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, her mother country.


“I love teaching Thai because it gives me the opportunity to use my outgoing character and gives full rein to my creativity in a constructive way that benefits both my students and myself.” “One of the best parts about working at Easy Study Thai is the camaraderie in the staff room.” “We always work as a team and are always there to lend each other a hand.” “It also gives me great pleasure to watch my student’s progress and receive their feedback.” “It gives me a sense of a job well done.” “At Easy Study Thai, I feel that I'm part of one of the most professional Thai Language Schools in Chiang Mai.”


Khru Fai