Choosing a School to Learn Thai

We Make Learning Thai Fun and Easy!

We have learned a lot over the years about what is important to students when choosing a Thai language school in Chiang Mai and have worked to accommodate and address those needs.

How does your school compare to other schools in the area?

We are confident you will find us a superior school with the best value in Chiang Mai.  To discover more about our long history in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai you can read the History of our School.  To learn more about the reasons you may decide to choose our school look over Why Study Thai at our School.

I am not good at learning languages and I don't believe I will be able to learn.

Are your teachers so good they can help poor student like me to learn Thai?

 Well I guess it will depend on how terrible of a student you are, but yes we have professionally trained teachers with lots of experience in teaching all kinds of students with different aptitudes for learning a language.  To know more about learning with us you should read about Our Method of Teaching Thai and then take a look at our Staff Section to learn more about our great teachers and their teaching philosophy.

I am worried about getting a Thai Education Visa. Can Easy Study Thai help?

The most common questions we receive are about the Thailand Education Visa program.  We started offering the Thai ED visa shortly after the Thailand Ministry of Education started issuing them to private language schools.  After many years and hundreds of successful applications we have shown we have both experience and expertise in handling the applications and the overall visa process from beginning to end.  

Find additional information on the Thai Language and Cultural Course (required for Thailand ED Visa) with this link. 

Go here for information on How to Get a Thai Education Visa.

I still have many unanswered questions about finding the best school for me?

More questions, not a problem.  You can Contact us Here or you can visit us at our Chiang Rai School Location

 We are MOE licensed school. All Students enrolled at EasyStudyThai  for Private Lessons, One Month Course, or Full Year course  are eligible, Thai Bank Account and Thai Drivers license.